Be the better person - Stop Hating

by - January 31, 2019

I was going through my timeline on Instagram then I saw a post with huge headline saying - inappropriate photos of these public figures went viral on the Internet. Being the makcik bawang I am, and how clueless I was because I never owned a Twitter account - I scrolled down the comments to keep myself updated. 

Then only I knew what was really happening. When I was reading comments from netizens, there was this comment that caught my eyes which was from a person who commented that the actress has always on - off when wearing hijab but she seemed to wear hijab all the time on social media. I mean, some people saw and witnessed her; free-hair outside and that's that. I am here not to membuka aib anyone, but I feel like sharing my personal thoughts upon the incident.

To move from one place to another or in Islam, we named it as hijrah - it has always been the most beautiful phase to anyone who was given the hidayah and guidance to change for the better. Hijrah for many of us is when someone who chooses to put on hijab, and slowly trying to get close to Allah SWT. I always get excited whenever a friend of mine decided to cover up. Alhamdulillah. 

However, these days, it seems as if wearing a hijab more likely becoming a trend instead of pleasing Allah SWT. I am not going to touch on how someone styles its hijab, labuh or notcovering chest or not if thats what people call it. Wearing a hijab isn't about keeping ourselves updated with fashion-trend, it is so much more, the inner peace and contentment that we feel inside matters the most. So when do you think it's the perfect time to wear hijab?

If you were to ask me, I would say, do it when you are ready. When I say ready it means when you have found the right reason to change that you will keep close to your heart, and you do it because the inner you want to, not because everyone around you wear hijab, not because you get tired when someone asks you when are you going to cover up and mainly, not because of fashion. The time will come, trust me and again, that is when you are all ready.

I am not saying nor encourage anyone not to wear hijab as soon as possible, but before you do, before you decide to embark the new phase of life - do check your nawaitu, whether if you really want it or simply just because you want to own plethora of branded hijabs which people nowadays are so obsessed with. Scary isn't? We might have the intention to get close to our Creator, but we got off track with our purest intention throughout the way. That's the ujian that was sent indirectly to us.

Nevertheless, never stop searching for the right reason for you to become a better person. Everyone has its own ways in looking for the light and guidance of Allah SWT. Some have it easy while some are not, but we are created to always look for one and another; support each other and together we strive for eternal happiness in shaa Allah. Those who have it easy, who come from strong fundamental of religion should never looked down on people who are just not as lucky as you are. Help and guide them. 

Moving on to the next point which people nowadays love and very pro in it - cyber-bullying. Netizens mostly use abusive and harsh words when expressing on the Internet and it so unhealthy. Individuals tend to criticize any wrongdoers by insulting instead of advising. This world is so sick I tell you. People seem to have more than 24 hours - that they even have time looking for others' flaws and faults. Don't you all have better things to do?

I'd be saying that people nowadays have this kind of illness which is - tend to feel that they are BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE, hence the corrupted society we live in. It is okay to tell someone what is wrong and point out their mistakes but do it in a good way. Do not humiliate them by talking publicly; instead, talk to them nicely and privately. That's what advising is all about. But alas, people seem to enjoy making shame of someone mistakes without even thinking the consequences. Backlash look to be normal these days even though it projects negativity; social media used to be a good medium to share, to keep in touch with friends, but I guess it doesn't work like that anymore. 

Instead of showing hates, why not be the bigger person with bigger heart - tell them nicely and the least that we can do is to pray for them, pray that Allah SWT give them the hidayah to turn back to Him. I even noticed that netizens also left negative comments on one of the public figure's family member; social media. Tak cukup orang yang buat salah, dengan ahli keluarga diheret jugak. I find it is unnecessary to express your devastation and anger towards innocent person. Some even have the guts to question how they were raised up. Astghafirullahalazim. How did people get so outspoken nowadays, you tell me. I guess people are more satisfied when they see someone is drown and weak. Be the best version of you, stop all the hate and judging.

Same goes to our sisters who choose to free-hair; would you judge? have you judged? I'd say yes, I wouldn't want to lie. Tapi kita bukan Tuhan untuk menghukum, itu bukan tugas kita. Do not look down on these people - they have their own struggles and who knows, someday when they are on the right path again, they are two hundred percent better than us. We never know what the future holds for us so be kind, and think twice before you say anything. #note2self. 

We should be the good friend; remind them how Ar-Rahim; The Most Merciful has showered us with endless blessings, and help them to find themselves again. It doesn't need to be promptly, all that matters is effort, and never stop learning and grow from mistakes.  

There was one thing I've learnt from an ustaz over the past years, and I vividly remember his advise that I keep close to my heart up to this day - "merasakan diri lebih baik dari orang lain merupakan permulaan kepada segala kejahatan"; at first, I thought what is the correlation though? perasaan kita dengan orang, apa kaitan? We thought that we are good enough, lepastu lahir rasa takbur, lepas tu elok istiqamah, slowly we feel demotivated to continue. Sebab apa? Sebab kita fikir kita lebih baik dari semua orang. I've mentioned this before on my blog but I want to write it again, for a reminder to myself.

With advancement of technology we see, and the innovation we feel, as well as the modern it gets; the lesser the morale of a person it seems. I guess the civilized culture that were taught have slowly disappear without we realizing. Stop hating and spread the loves. Believe me, do good to others and the good will come to us. We are better than this, Malaysians. 

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