doing what you love vs doing what you good at

by - April 08, 2019

2019 has been pretty much challenging for me so far but I hope it gets better every single day and Alhamdulillah it seems like it. Degree life isn't fun at all, but I am motivated to study once again and I just hope I am never too late for a comeback. Struggled for the first few weeks, and slowly adapting up till this day! Since my home is just 40 minutes away from UiTM, so I go back every weekend and if I were to get into UM, then I'll be going home every day. 

I was scrolling through my Facebook Timeline then I stumbled upon a post that couldn't be any more accurate with my current situation;

I have been having daily conversations about how scared I am taking a Degree in Finance with my parents, and my best friends over the past few weeks. I am literally between wanting to do what I love doing and doing something I'm good at. I always love to study, I could study all day long, I could read textbooks for hours but I reached that point of wanting to stop from doing something that I don't have clear goals to be achieved.

Truth to be told, when I entered classes for the first week of my Degree, I knew this is not what I wanted, there is something wrong somewhere that I just felt, no this is not me.

I cried for the first two weeks of my Degree. I even thought of quitting. They say - when you are pursuing your Degree, you'll see where you are heading but I don't. I don't even know where am I heading. It goes this way - our career path likely depended on what we have pursued in our studies, it is indeed an inter-relationship. 

I know many of my friends who have their life goals well planned, they know what they wanted to be, they are aware of their career path in 10 -15 years ahead. That's how it supposed to work. 

I honestly wonder how it feels to pursue something that we love like many of you. Every time people come to me and say they are struggling in their courses; I’d be mad because you got the chance to do what you love in the first place, what’s with the sighs.

If you truly love what you are doing, I bet the word, complain never even existed in your book.

Pursuing What You Love

"Do what you love and you will succeed" 
Steve Jobs

Do what you love, that's what they say. Should we apply the sentiment when choosing what to pursue in our studies?

Definitely A BIG YES

That is the purpose of the aptitude test, IQ test that we sat back in high school – to know what suits us best. Logically, when you take on a course that you are passionate about, you will have higher self-esteem as you will have more energy and constantly happy with what you are learning. As a result, you are able to let yourself grow and developed.

How do you know that what you love doing are passion and not a hobby?

Hobby is not passion, in fact, they are two different things that seem to have similar meanings yet they aren't. The fact that I like writing does it mean I can make a career out of it? Of course, I can, only if I go to a journalism school.

I personally think that there is a fine line between doing what you love and doing something you are good at. Doing what you love involves passion, deep affection, and genuine interest that you don’t get to decide but it chooses you and then you fall in love instantly.

21 years old, diploma checked, currently in semester 2 of Degree yet I still haven't figured out what I want to be in the future.

All these years were never easy because I wanted to follow my heart and taking a course that I am passionate about, but at the same time, I opt for a course with a more secure career route. I won't deny the reason why I put Finance as my first choice because it is forecasted demand in the financial industry will increase by 2025.

When I filled in the UPU Degree Application, I was worried and I couldn’t stop thinking what if I am applying because I just solely wanted to move out from UiTM. I did apply for English Studies but it was my third choice because Finance field is more promising and that’s that.

I did try to be in love with what I am taking but my love in English undeniably stronger than anything relates to finance don’t amuse me easily. I did read news regarding financing and economics, honestly, I find they are boring. On the bright side, I am able to read the stocks market in the newspaper now! Pats myself.

So, what is mediocre if I pursue a course that I am good at and capable of doing instead of choosing a course that I love?

If I were to quit and start all over again in English, would I be able to score well? 
What if I am actually not good at it when I thought I was.

Ever since I saw that post, my perceptions slowly drifted and I am looking at a bigger picture why God didn't place me in a course that I wanted. It had indeed enlightened me in some ways. God knows better than anyone, His plans are always the best. I passed by a quote as I was looking for ideas to write, 

Discovering our passion and what we really love to do is not enough. If I want to build a life doing that, I must be good at it. But alas, being good isn’t enough too. I have to make sure that I can make money from it because if I were to spend my lives doing what I love but no one finds value in, I am likely to end up being broke because no one pays attention to my passion. What matters is the result of your work. No one cares what shit you’ve been through to be on top.

Life isn’t all being at the top most of the times, if you decide to pursue what you love doing then you must love the pain too. Wishing for something doesn’t mean that you really want is adequate, we have to want it so bad, if there’s anything come in between, you will never give in.  

Doing What You are Good at

People tend to be busy in looking for their interests and likings till they forget the significant thing. Even if we haven’t found what we love, there’s always something we are good at. You might be able to communicate better, manage people, better skills in PR.

There is always something in us that makes us stand out. Perhaps your flaws could be your biggest strength.

If you know what you love doing, you still have to try to do what you are good at because instead of what doing what you love without any progress, it’s better to love what you do with visible growth. 

Most of the times, the thing that makes us stand out is usually one we are good at – and not the one that we love to do.

Sometimes, choosing to study something that we are passionate about might not be as beneficial as we think. Our degrees are a long-term investment in which we are profited with knowledge in return, and they have to be applied in future.

There is a difference between your interests and your career strengths. For example, if you think you could really crack the world of modern art then great, but if art is just something you enjoy on a weeknight, perhaps reconsider your choice to study fine art.

Play to your strengths, not your passions. If you are lucky enough to have the two overlap then great.

A good friend of mine once told me that we should never pray for what we want to be granted but instead pray for the best. I did pray for all the best things over the years that He put me in Business Studies 3 years ago. Yet, I couldn't accept with an open heart instead I questioned why. 

I guess I am slowly back on the track again, and I know I need to speed up because I don't want to be left far behind. As for now, I am still waiting for UPU result, and if I were to get any of it, I would love to go, no doubt. I don't want to put my hopes too high because I'm scared if I were not to be offered, I would be devastated.

I thought that all these days I won't think twice of moving but I was wronged. I don't know why but I have been thinking of staying lately. Perhaps I am already comfortable as I am halfway through already. I look forward to classes nowadays, I am more energetic and higher spirited most of the time, and also feeling hungry every second. Not even sure what is my weight currently HAHAHA but let's hope it doesn't exceed 50kg just yet.

Even if I am doing something, I am good at, but I believe there will always be a room for myself to take my writings to greater highs. And who knows, in the process of loving what I do, I might as well be doing what I love.

When you can’t answer your dreams, answer your calling.

 “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we might oft win by fearing to attempt.”

William Shakespeare

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  1. I've been reading your blog since i know you. We're in the same situation. Here a short story about myself. I am an accounting student from matriculation, i apply UPU mostly to continue my studies major in Accounting. My result was not bad at all, out of 4.00, i managed to get 3.91. Isn't it is god enough? But, im not that lucky. out of 12 choices that i've made, Uitm offered me finance which is my 6th/th choices. (i forgot which one). And what's really sad is my 1st-5/6th choice is Accounting. i felt so devastated on that time. The first month of my studies is quite tough. I cried almost everyday. I can't sleep. The saddest part is that actually i got some offered from UM to pursue my studies there, but i need to go for the iv first. Iv for Accounting and finance course. 2 different courses in two different days but i couldn't go because there's no one to send me there as it was held during weekdays. This happens before i got my UPU result. Once again, UM offered me to pursue my studies in Pengajian Media and Bahasa if im not mistaken. I was really into Bahasa actually as once I thought that i wanted to be a novelist or journalist but once again i couldnt go as what i've in my mind is i need to learn something to get a better job, not for me to expand my hobies in writing. But now, i thank god as i was put in the Finance course as i really love it now. No regret, i feel blessed. And now im waiting to finished my internship & proceed to my graduation In Shaa Allah in 2020. :) Do pray for me to grad on time :) And for you, i hope you're happy in whatever you do and I hope that you get to go to UM and get to achieve your desired course

  2. 6th/7th*. Pardon my typos. i type really fast and i dont double checked it hahahahhaha