by - January 05, 2015


Assalamualaikum wbt my friends, so first of all I would love to wish Happy New Years, and may 2015 will be better than 2014, in shaa Allah :)
and, I am glad that 2014 is over, it was never an easy year. well, everything seemed going on so well not until I don't even know what actually happened but my life turned so miserable. now is the 5th page of 365 days, how time flies and after a hectic year, I had the chance to spend some quality time with my good friends, Naylisya & Danial. The last time I met them was before we even entered our high school life, so it was lovely to hang out with them. Alhamdulillah.

Friends? How do you even define them? I'm sure everyone has at least a best friend or good friend. and after so many things happened last year, I decided not to have a clique. Sometimes I wonder why some people can't see that I truly love them, and forget me instead of trying not to let me go. When I went out with Naylisya, I realised she's still the same, and in fact she's way nicer nowadays. I felt bad that I used to neglect her..yet she's still thinks that I'm her sister & the best friend in the world and stuff. I started to think & see why was this happening to me, and surely Allah SWT loves me.

Alhamdulillah, even though I lost some of my friends last year but Allah SWT sent more good people to my life hehe. and to think of it, I don't have to please people. I have Allah SWT, He hears my duas, and always be there for me, <3. I do feel sad about losing some friends, but I know there's reasons behind what is going on with my life. and, I am pretty sure Allah SWT has planned something better for me in shaa Allah #staypositive.

Boyfriends? Hm, never thought of having one. but, you know I'm having a crush over a prince now. I was so obsessed over Will & Kate's Love Story. I saved thousand photos of them in my phone herher, not funny cause I want to marry a prince too. :p so glad that I moved on, I thought it was going to be so hard, well it was. but with the determination in myself, Alhamdulillah I managed to forget & not to think about him. I am not going to wait forever so? Move on is the best answer. Boyfriend doesn't matter to me at this time, and I don't even want to have one pfft. (maybe during my uni days :p)

Hopes? I went through a very thrilling year, 2014. New Year brings me new hopes & faith that I can do this, I can make it. SPM is in less than a year, and of course my main goal is to achieve 9A+, with that I know that I HAVE, NEED, MUST work really hard. It's not going to be an easy year I can feel it. One thing I'm sure, I am going to enjoy every tiny moments I have in TGB and whenever with my friends. I am going to make every bit of them are memorable ones, so when I leave my high school life, I won't regret forever. This 2015 gives me hopes that things are going to get better in every second, in shaa Allah (:

and I can't resist myself but Pahang's Royal Family is so lovely & beautiful. I've seen those photos of the Royal Family helping the flood victims, all I can say is, I respect them so much <3 May Allah bless the whole Pahang in shaa Allah amin. anyway, Tengku Hassanal & Tengku Addin lil bit remind me of Prince William & Prince Harry. The Tengku(s) are most likely the William & Harry version of Malaysia. I love seeing the princes & princesses doing their job so well, May Allah bless the whole royal family of Pahang amin ya rabbal alamin.

I'll stop here, and again, I pray that your 2015 will be more meaningful and lovely than previous years. :) X

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